Online Quick Play - Jaina slides back while blocking

Online Quick Play - Jaina slides back while blocking

When blocking an approaching Geiger gear, Jaina will ‘slide’ back at normal walking speed during blocking animation.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Find casual match; playing against Geiger
  2. Geiger throws gear; hold back to enable block

Expected Results:
Jaina blocks in place

Actual Results:
Jaina blocks, but also slides back continuously, creating space

I was not very attentive on what actions preceded this interaction. I believe we have already exchanged some damage before this bug happens. Otherwise, the bug just happens on occasion when I would attempt to block a gear.


Game Version:
System Information:
-Windows 7 x64, Intel i5 2500k, MSI GTX1050 2gb DirectX 12
-Game: windowed, X-Input wireless controller, all audio options turned OFF

Oh yeah, I’ve seen this too! My best guess is that she’s at just the right range that the blocking animation activates, but that she also doesn’t “lock” into place as being considered “blocking.” It is definitely silly-looking!

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I’ve seen this with a Grave fireball.

This happened to DeGrey when playing against Arg (DeGrey sliding backwards).

Interesting. It seems like this is a universal bug and not specific to Jaina.