[Pain] Setsuki C,B should do do the same as something else

Doing C,B with Setsuki and getting nothing out of it feels bad. I can’t fathom a reason why it doesn’t do the same thing as either C,A or C,C. Either one would take away frustration for new players from hitting a button and getting nothing, while not affecting the high-level game in any way that I can think of.


There’s probably a minimum height restriction on j.B while rising in a jump (like all other jump moves) and the C height doesn’t get you there.

That’s probably on purpose. 3 or 4 builds ago she had an actual inescapable lockdown on some characters with repeated j.B C C loops, which was fixed by giving j.B more recovery. If she’s allowed to kunai low to the ground, at C height, that will probably result in the same situation since there’s less distance to fall after and thus less recovery time.

I don’t think we’re talking about the same thing at all.

Ground C is her flip, then followed by either C to throw or A to kick. Ground C alone does just the flip part, and ground C, B does the same thing.

Pressing a button does the same thing as pressing no button, and that feels bad. I’m suggesting that C, B should do either the kick or the throw, which should not change anything in high-level play (just having an extra way of doing an input, much like AB is the same as S), but feel better for new players when she throws or kicks than feeling like they did a special move and nothing useful happened.

This has no relation to air kunai or any jumping attack.

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