Paint Slinger Valerie asthetic bug has her holding brush in wrong hand

I got the “Paint Slinger costume for Valerie, and noticed a humorous bug that somehow makes her hold her paintbrush with her non-dominant hand.

It is actually easy to reproduce:

  1. Player must pick Valerie, and must be the new paint Slinger” outfit, can be any mode (I tried in Practice and Single Match Solo)
  2. During the match, successfully perform Valerie’s back throw on the opponent (works on all opponents, even the Rook variant of the throw)

What normally would happen is that Valerie would have the paintbrush swap to the alternate hand during the animation so that it would appear on the dominant fighting hand by the time it transitions to the standing state.

What actually happens is that it correctly goes through the animation during the back throw, but when it transitions to standing state, the brush magically attaches to her non-dominant hand.

It does produce a mostly humorous bug, as she instead fights with a pointing finger, haha. It is purely a visual error, as it looks like the frame data, hit boxes, and paint effect still remain the same. Also, you can actually perform the back throw again, in this state, and revert the paintbrush back into her dominant hand! (One can re-fix the error back to normal!) Also, I tried this on her normal “Manic Painter” outfit, but the bug does not seem to occur on this.

I will admit, I do rather enjoy this bug, but will be sad to see it leave :stuck_out_tongue:

Performed on v1.18891

Performed on Nintendo Switch

As a follow up to this post, I just recently earned the “Knight of Love” Master costume. The bug can also be performed on this costume.