"Quit Match" is Erroneously Highlighted

“Quit Match” is Erroneously Highlighted

After a game in local play, standard battle, the “Quit Match” option is erroneously highlighted (in addition to the actual option that is highlighted) on the first player’s side. I do not know how to recreate this. I have observed this on both PC and PS4 versions. The common factor may be due to the constant disconnection/reconnection of controllers when different players are playing each other (due to a tournament setting, as I was in). It is a visual bug only. Whichever option the first player is actually highlighting will be selected when they hit the “accept” button. Forcibly highlighting “Quit Match” by selecting it and then moving away from it will clear the erroneous highlight temporarily until the end of the next game. This erroneous highlight will persist between matches until either Fantasy Strike is rebooted or possibly(?) quitting to main menu.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Unknown. Possibly related to constant connection and disconnection of various controllers to the game.

Expected Results:
Only one selection is highlighted.

Actual Results:
Two selections are highlighted, with the erroneous one being “Quit Match”.



Game Version:

System Information:
Windows 10

This also happens on switch. It makes the menu very confusing.

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Update to the bug report: I did not switch any controllers out at all and it happened on PC at the pause menu in practice mode. I was queued for Ranked match, had played one ranked match much earlier. I was exiting and entering practice mode several times (changing characters usually, but not always). Then, the quit to main menu option was highlighted erroneously. My mouse cursor was not over the menu item. So, I do not know what causes that option to highlight erroneously. It could be a separate bug from the ones in the online friend matches, as well.

Fixed in the next update, thanks for the report.