[Readability] Make remote super bars and life distinct

It’s no secret that players occasionally look at the wrong super bar, especially when fighting online where they can’t (currently) pick their side of the screen.

Having an option to toggle a distinctive visual on remote bars, which could be as simple as a white outline, would probably help against this.

Keep the local bars the same so people so then switch to local play don’t think their own life looks wrong: they’ll just have to go by which side of the screen they’re sitting on.


Or reserve customizable bars as another potential reward for grinding / microtransactions.

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That’s a separate thing, because if you unlock custom life bars you’ll want to show them off to remote players, and both using the same awesome bars causes this issue all over again. A white outline (for whatever) can exist independently of the bar’s skin.

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This seems like a pretty good idea! I also like SF5’s little “you” marker at the start of online matches, but something more significant (like the white outline suggested) would be great

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perhaps the line art for the character could be a color that corresponds to an outline on the super bar/color of the life pips.