Resolution resets when using Alt+Tab

The game resolution resets to desktop resolution when using Alt+Tab

I usually have the game on the lowest possible resolution and graphics setting. When I alt+tab out of the game, then when I go back to the game the resolution is set to my desktop resolution (1366x768) when I normally have it as 512x384. The graphics setting is unchanged however. I play on fullscreen.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Choose a 512x384 resolution with fullscreen enabled.
  2. Alt+tab out of the game.
  3. Bring the game back up and notice the resolution change.

Expected Results:
The resolution stays at 512x384.

Actual Results:
The resolution changes to 1366x768 (my current desktop resolution).

I do not recall this happening in a prior version.


Game Version:
v 0.11310

System Information:
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Intel Core i5-3210M
Intel HD Graphics 4000

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This happens to me as well

i have this thing too

This is apparently a bug in Unity itself D: