Setsuki and Valerie Graphical Error (Mac)

Setsuki and Valerie Graphical Error

Hey there just bought the game today and noticed that Setsuki’s character had some major disfiguration when playing on High Graphics so I tried fiddling around with the settings and found she reverted to her standard character model after switching off of high graphics. But, now when I’m playing on anything except High Graphics Setting parts of Valerie become invisible. I’ve attached some gyazo links below since I can’t post more than one picture in a post right now.

Here is a link to what Valerie looks like on Lowest-Medium Graphics settings.

And here is a link to what Setsuki looks like on the High Graphics setting.
Game Version: v10983

System Information:


Confirmed that this is a known bug. It’s been going on for a quite a while and we haven’t figured it out yet. Only on Mac and only for these two characters (the ones capable of facial animation).

If you restart the program, it seems to re-roll your chances of getting the corrupt character models, so as a workaround for now, you could restart until it works.

It might be (not sure) that changing graphic quality settings ALSO re-rolls your chance for a corrupt model.


Well that’s not creepy at all.