Setsuki C command grab to catch jumpers

Setsuki’s C has gone over a lot of changes during the last 2 patches, and while I feel like the slowing down of her divekick option was a very good idea, having to rely on an uncancellable flying fox to catch jumper isn’t the best. And I think I’m not the only one that feels this way.

I think I found a solution (or at least an upgrade): replace the flying fox option with an anti air command grab. The great thing is that the devs already have an amazing now unused animation in the one that used to be for when her command grab option caught jumpers, so there isn’t even the need to create a new one.

Maybe to balance this new command grab, it should need to only hit jumps on the way up, or it might because a viable anti air also, which might be too much.

I’ve suggested this! It just sounds like an awesome way to separate dive-kick from flying-fox though to be honest I’m not sure what dive-kick is for now other than trying to keep someone on the ground? Fox-grab would do that better at that point.

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I like how the divekick works now, it was way too powerful pre nerf. The flying fox option though is terrible.