Setsuki counter-hit AA inconsistencies

Title: Setsuki counter-hit AA inconsistencies

Summary: Setsuki has inconsistent and possibly undesired behaviour when scoring counter hits with her AA.

If the first hit is a counter hit:

  • vs Grave, the 2nd hit will not hit before they recover.
  • vs Valerie, the 2nd hit does not connect on the first frame, but will still combo.

If the first hit is blocked, and the 2nd hit is a counter hit:

  • Setsuki has a 1 frame link combo into the 1st A if she walks forward 1 frame against everyone except Geiger and DeGrey
  • Frame advantage vs Midori is +8 instead of +7.

If the first hit is meaty:

  • vs Grave the 2nd hit will whiff.
  • vs Midori the 2nd hit will whiff if the meaty attack comes from behind him.

Game Version: 0.15571

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