Setsuki / Midori Starlight Tumbler throw bug

Title: Setsuki / Midori Starlight Tumbler throw bug.

Summary: Setsuki Starlight Tumbler throws Midori from corner to midscreen instead of into the corner, while Setsuki is facing the corner. The animation is messed up too.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Push Midori into the corner as Setsuki.
  2. Jump behind him to push him out a little bit. Jump out and wiggle him in juuust right. (Midori’s elbow should be close to the command list but just barely not touching.)
  3. Starlight Tumbler grab with each character’s front foot overlapping.

Expected Results: Setsuki throws Midori into the corner.

Actual Results: Setsuki does a flip into the corner while Midori flings himself into midscreen of his own volition.

Notes: Included in output log is a game that had a “soft freeze”. Health bar animations and such were still active, menu could be accessed and could leave to main menu, but the match was frozen in place.

Output Log -REDACTED- (Check your email, Thelo.)
Video example (Youtube)

Game Version: 0.12189

System Information: Win 10 home.


This bug makes me laugh

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Thanks, that will be fixed in our next update.

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