Shiny shiny menu

Shiny shiny menu

Summary: While playing a ranked match, the game suddenly transitioned to the main menu. The main menu background was very shiny. I could click on the friends list and profile button. After 15 seconds, I was thrown into the post ranked match screen, telling me I had won. The shiny menu persistet after.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play a ranked match.
  2. ???

Expected Results: Get a correct “lost connection” message or something similar?

Actual Results: A weird intermission in the main menu.


Game Version: v1.17758

System Information: Windows 10

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obviously Geiger forgot to un-stop time


Last thing you see before someone kick you in the back.

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While I think the more serious issue is the fact that it kicks us out of ranked matches, I too experienced this, on Switch, plus the character was just a silhouette…