Single match vs. computer?

Hi! Long time lurker, first time poster.

I seem to remember being able to play single matches against computer-controlled characters in the past. Now, when coming back to the game after a while, I don’t seem to see that option. All I see for CPU battles in the Solo area is Arcade/Survival/Challenge.

Is this mode even available? (was it before, or am I misremembering?) I would like to be able to fight single CPU characters of my choice.

Hello! I think they only ever had Arcade before, if I remember correctly. I don’t think they had single match against a computer-controlled character.

There definitely has been a single match option on past Patreon builds, though I don’t know if that’s still true (I can’t afford to back it right now). It doesn’t seem like it’s planned to be included when they release on consoles, or else they probably would’ve added it to the main build by now, but I can’t claim to know what their plans are.

It’s only available in the patreon version (for people silver and above at right now. We may add it to the game for everyone else later on. Thanks for your suggestion.


Thanks for the fast reply. I must have been making things up in my head, then. I understand that it doesn’t get people playing against others online, but I thought it an odd omission since most other fighters have this option and casual players (especially those you will likely be attracting on the Switch) might enjoy that mode.