Suggestion: "Walking Forward" Resets Geiger's Gear Meter

I think actually walking forward, rather than just “pressing” forward, should be what resets Geiger’s gear meter.

What i mean by this is that you shuold not reset the gear meter when you are knocked down, in the middle of a super animation, or in middle of a combo, since it seems like losing your gear meter during those times is something you would never want to do

Maybe there’s a gameplay feature I’m missing, or perhaps a technical reason this is hard to program? But if not, I think it would make the controls more accessible, intuitive, and more comfortable

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A potential issue I see is with “forward” moves. Jumping forward should certainly reset the gear. His fA should certainly reset the gear. The forward throw should reset it. Pressing forward while in blockstun in order to anticipate a cross-up should probably reset it. I don’t think it’s as easy as just checking to see if he walks forward. The possible cross-up situation is the biggest thing in my opinion. The others don’t seem to be so bad.


I agree with everything Sente said. Also, the idea is to take a mechanic from other fighting games, and model it here. And the way it works for Guile for example is that it’s based on if he holds back (nothing about if he walks forward or back). There’s a great aha moment when fighting game players realize it works like Guile’s charge and that wouldn’t really be the case if it was changed to depleting on walk forward. Also, it’s kind of easier to understand right now than with that proposed change. Right now: hold forward and observe that it instantly empties. Ok, that’s the rule. But with the change, you’d hold forward and not realize it’s a problem, then the first frame you’re fully up from a knockdown, it empties. That it’s directly tied to your input gives you immediate feedback how it works.


Yeah, that was just an oversight in my post; my point was just stuff that doesn’t actually have an effect on gameplay (so they’re basically not a real “option”). Jumping forward etc would certainly have an effect. Just seemed weird to me that if you happen to press forward while knocked down or doing your super (which do nothing), your gear meter is reset, but…

Yeah, that’s true. Could definitely make it more inconsistent and confusing now that I think about it that way.