Survival Mode Damage After Round Pause

*Survival Mode Damage After Round Pause

In survival mode, you can still be hurt by on-screen items (Lum’s fireworks etc) after you’ve knocked out an opponent and the game is “changing” screens to the Shadow Boss or whatever. You also cannot block these because your controls are disabled.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Knock out the 4th charcter in the series after they put a harmful item on screen
  2. Note that you cannot block the item because controls are disabled, and get hit

Expected Results: Should take no damage because controls are disabled

Vulnerable to unblockable damage

Notes: Cut my final match of survival mode short, thanks a lot =P

I think this is intended, it happened to me in cruel survival

I don’t see why that would be intended. It sounds like an annoying bug to me. And survival mode should help train yourself to play better against humans. Changing your playstyle to avoid finishing an opponent if they left an item on the screen would harm your play in normal matches, where leftover items are not dangerous.

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I believe this has already been fixed.