Unable to change resolution in fullscreen

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If I am in fullscreen mode, I am unable to change the resolution from 640x480

Steps to reproduce:

  1. boot up game
  2. go to options
    3a) if I am already in fullscreen mode, I only have the resolution choice of 640 x 480
    3b) if I am in windowed mode, then I can choose between 4 different resolutions, but if I change to fullscreen mode, then I only have the choice of 640x480.

I would expect to see options for resolutions when in fullscreen other than 640 x 480, up to 1280x800 (my resolution)

Attached is an image of my options menu (while in fullscreen) showing that I can only choose 640x480 resolution

Game Version:
v. 0.13805
System Information:
I’m playing on a mid-2012 macbook pro running sierra v. 10.12.6

I too have this issue on macOS!