Unable to Rechallenge Friend after Failure to Connect

Unable to Rechallenge Friend after Failure to Connect

After challenging a friend, if the notification “Failed to connect to XXX” pops up, I am unable to rechallenge the friend again. Instead of the usual X icon, there is an eye icon to watch their game. Then, I am only able to try and watch their game (and the notification about spectator mode coming soon comes up). I have to reboot Fantasy Strike, or have my friend reboot Fantasy Strike in order to be able to challenge them again.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Challenge a friend
  2. Fail to connect
  3. Go back to friends list and try to challenge them again. Note that challenge is not an option, only spectate is available.

Expected Results:
Able to challenge the friend again immediately.

Actual Results:
Unable to challenge the friend until one of us reboots Fantasy Strike. Only able to try and select spectate.



Game Version:

System Information:

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Happened to me once as well.