Undocumented change: Setsuki no longer has projectile invulnerability on ground C

Summary: If memory serves me correctly, Setsuki had 18 frames of projectile invulnerability at the start of ground C, however this is no longer the case.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Attempt to flip out of a meaty projectile.
  2. Eat it.

Expected Results: Setsuki can flip through projectiles, or change is documented in patch notes.

Actual Results: Setsuki can’t flip through projectiles, no mention of change, unsure if intentional.

Game Version: v0.11310

Are you sure she could? I’ve never known.

Am certain. I did a lot of testing with it, particularly against Jaina’s JC. Also I like to believe that I am not losing my mind :slight_smile: