V7361 Controller mapping input swap

(Technically also has this issue with 7360, but thought I’d refer to the most updated version)

Not sure how to best articulate this particular issue, but I AM almost entirely certain it has to do with the game itself.

Previously, when hooking up controllers for local multiplayer (me and my sparring partners all collectively use DS4s), Fantasy Strike quite comfortably recognises individual ‘identical’ controllers per port. One port will be recognized as player 1, and another for player 2, for example.

However, after the installation of 7360 (and now 7361), the inputs have gotten, well wonky. When a single controller is in, it either cannot control the D-pad movement OR it cannot use its buttons- in effect, with two controllers in, each controls the opposite’s buttons. This only applies in the pause and mapping menu, though. The controller still functions normally on the main menu and selection screens.

What’s even stranger is that the night I installed 7360, it all worked without a hitch as usual. But the SECOND time I opened it, this issue was immediately in effect. When 7361 came out shortly afterward, I fully uninstalled 7360 to see if a new version wouldn’t have this issue, but it persists, so I’m baffled as to what’s going on (and how to amend it).

Followup: futzing around with removing and inserting controllers while mapping one player as keyboard controls temporarily fixed the issue. Doesn’t answer how it even HAPPENED, but at least there’s a fix. Probably just a hiccup in how I was mapping it.

I had a similar bug, using a ps4 controller in conjunction with a Microsoft(Xbox 360 style) controller, they swap occasionally when I start up the program or based on which order I insert them, I even had one of my controllers being treated as if it was Both controllers once when I didn’t have the other plugged in, leading to some weird inputs(I think this is because that controller has a tendency to disconnect and reconnect when I fiddle with the cable so it was registered twice).

I think it has to do with what order you plug them in at, I do not think the system actually documents the controller names or IDs and the mapping isn’t set to specific controllers.