Vs Quince, two-truths meter freezes while being supered

Title: vs Quince, 2 Truths bar doesn’t drain during super

Summary: When I play against Midori while he’s in his dragon form if I perform a super then Midori’s dragon meter continues to drain during the super. However, when I perform a super against Quince while his clones are active, his two truths bar seems to freeze in place. This might be by design, but because it was an inconsistent behaviour between Midori and Quince it might be an oversight?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. play vs Quince
  2. Have him activate his big mirror and enable his two truths mode where his clones become real
  3. super against him

Expected Results: His meter would continue to drain down while the super animation is played

Actual Results: His meter freezes in place while the super animation is played



Game Version: latest version as of 2020-07-24

System Information: