What happened to the Throw button?

Funny, the friend that I showed Fantasy Strike to yesterday was complaining that there was no throw button. And now there is!
Do the ones that already used the new build: How does playing with a throw button work?
And when using a controller, where do you map the Throw button?

Default map is to PS4’s “R1”, where Super used to be. Super’s been moved to R2.

On one hand, I never felt the game needed more buttons, but on the other game, I can now (Jaina) Knee > Arrow from right up against someone, so that’s pretty nice. I’m still not sure how I feel in total.

Man, I think I’m coming around on the throw button, but retraining my hands to do what I want is taking some serious time, and I’m still not sure what the best way to remap the buttons for a controller are. For now I’ve moved throw to L1, keeping Super on R1. I briefly tried switching to Jump on Up, but that felt just terrible.

Definitely an adjustment to have fA and bA at any distance, as Rook, but probably worth having the ability to meaty-throw people. I need to incorporate more close-range boots and claps into my play, just to see what kind of new options and situations come out of it. Ditto for throwing people out of slow attacks on reaction.

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On my hitbox I have the upper row of buttons being:
A, B, C, Super

And the first button on the bottom row is the throw button

I am very happy for the throw button. I feel like the A+direction input was essentially an automatic option select. I know that’s not quite how it works, but I usually like my throw input not to share inputs with other moves.

Here’s a weird throw idea. Get rid of the Throw button and add two-button throws that are only performed if you are in throw range. They won’t come out at any other range and thus you can’t whiff them. Now you have all the close range attack options of the current version, maintain a four button fighting game, and you won’t accidentally put out throws when you’re mashing buttons like other games with two-button throws.

I think the main issue with two button throws is the threat of kara cancels, which are 100% contrary to the easy-input philosophy of the game.


there’s also the matter of keyboard ghosting

There’s also the matter of me, as someone who plays on a controller, hating being locked into a specific two button combo for a throw, and potentially having to fiddle around with my button mapping a bunch as a result.


my personal opinion is that SF2-like controls are way better.

I love the throw button, because now when I get thrown it’s because the other player WANTED to throw, not because he was close enough and just hit a normal. It also means I have access to all my moves up close instead of being locked out.

There’s still situations where it seems like you CANT yomi counter, such as being thrown while being in recovery after a block move that the game doesn’t really make clear, but it definately feels like throws are a deliberate move now.


I much prefer the throw button, as it makes the game feel more strategic. It’s now possible to both perform attacks and whiff throws in situations that weren’t allowed before.

But, given how the yomi counters work, I feel like we probably shouldn’t be able to execute throws when not holding down a direction button. In other words, I think a throw probably shouldn’t start until both the direction and throw buttons are pressed at the same time. I guess that might be a bit less intuitive for new players, but I think that could easily be cleared up by a note in the Tutorial and/or “How to Play”.

I think having a “throw button” that does not throw if you simply press it is off the table. That wouldn’t last 5 minutes in a convention setting.

Note that neutral+throw loses to direction+throw if both were done on the same frame, so there is some reason to leave neutral, at least.


I am liking the throw button, but the game feels very different. Midori feels very different in a way. I think sweeps are way better now since you actually can sweep at an effective range


The throw button isn’t remotely as bad as I feared it would be.


I really, really, didn’t expect to and was sort of annoyed by the change while I got used to it, but after trying it and getting used to it I do prefer the throw button. Having to map an extra button is a downside, but I think the upside makes up for it.


I’ve been using a Neo-Geo style controller setup, so I had to remove the Super button (and having a Jump button stopped being an option), but it still felt okay. I wouldn’t call it a preference, but it felt okay.
It really brought out how Super should be mapped to any two buttons of the player’s choice, or even three, though. Normal+Special 1 is just the weirdest combination…

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I didn’t have any complaints about the ST-style throws, but now that the game has a throw button I actually like it. Also, a throw button is probably easier to grasp than a ST-style throw mechanic.

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I thought I would hate throw button but I kinda like it. It’s forcing me to think quicker and decide “throw or attack” when previously I would mostly just throw instinctually when close based on bad habits.


I’ll be honest, I preferred no throw button. I think playing Midori was a lot easier with no throw button.
Also since I play marvel and guilty gear I was already used to it. Now I have to actively think about pushing another button when I want to throw. Sad!