Yomi counter netcode issue?


Yomi counter netcode issue?


I’m not sure if this is a bug, but it’s very suspicious. When playing online, especially if the connection quality is poor, it is virtually impossible to Yomi Counter, I only ever get it if I let go of the controls like 20 frames in advance. If I attempt to block vs a jump in attempt, then release the controls after confirming there’s no jump in attack, I always get grabbed, even when I have clearly let go in time, which leads me to believe it’s probably buffering the directional inputs and thus making counters impossible.

This doesn’t appear to be just me, I’ve frauded out a number of good players using throw loops and I’m sure they must also have been trying to tech. I’ve never seen an opponent get a Yomi counter in the above situation either (move back to block potential jump in, then tech throw).

I have also never seen a rollback Yomi counter (ie, you start seeing the throw animation, then it switches to Yomi counter, which you would expect to happen if someone let go at the last second based on how GGPO netcode works).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Hold a direction.
  2. Release direction just as the other player throws
  3. Get thrown anyway despite the fact that it should be a counter


It seems to work fine offline. Letting go of the controls even 1 frame before being thrown results in a tech, as you’d expect.


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