A mysterious timer appears


Countdown to early access release?


In all certainty! And with it: private matches with friends!


Yassss :grin: was this announced somewhere? Only reason I saw was bc of a Reddit thread


The countdown is there since a while actually. Soon.


is there an actual countdown somewhere?


nvm I found it.
Wow. That is really really soon.


Speaking of which, the timer ends at midnight for me.

Is it normal or is it a bug? Because Steam usually updates at 7pm where I’m from. (Italy)


hello there, italian friend!
Sono italiano pure io(i am italian too)


I think it might just be a coincidence! The timer ends at 7:00 tomorrow morning for me here in Japan.


Add me on Steam, I already have a pair of italian guys I conviced on buying the game.


Aaaaaaaaaa! Only 7 hours remain! AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!


despite the countdown is alrady available!!!


and bought it!