Alternate skin/costume ideas!

Messy Valerie and Ghost DeGrey with Human Ghost-Lady need to happen. Speaking of which, who’s DeGrey’s ghost? Does she have a name?

Back on topic, the only idea I have is Leather Persephone, but it’s kind of predictable. I’m not a very creative fellow.

What I really would like to see though are fighting game references. Something like Sonic Fox’s hat on someone, but possibly better.

EDIT: Yakuza Lum does sound pretty nice to me.

I’d love to see Valarie get a costume based on a French mime artist, complete with beret and make up, and it could make her paint effects black and white too
For reference:

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would love for Jaina to have a costume inspired by traddinal japanesse archery trianing robes, like the ones seen here but in black/white and red, or like the one she has as a kid in arcade mode



All french people do hate the mime Marceau ahah
But on Valerie why not ?

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Are alt costumes still coming before launch? i only ask as the costume button has been sitting sitting there inactive for years. i do understand it’s a small feature though and probably not a big priority.

My ideas

For Grave: Wind Mage or Wing Suit costume
Geiger: Clockwork Golem or Welder
Setsuki: Grave style outfit (she does become his student after all)
Argagarg: Otter version
Jaina: Dragon scales (perhaps just going up her arms, could be more)
Midori: European style (Scholar clothes w/European style dragon form) or Djinn form
Rook: Crystal/Diamond

I am all about Setsuki dressed like Grave! Give her big floppy pants! Euro-Midori sounds like a cool idea too! And “furry Arg” sounds as good as “mossy Rook”

I know this can’t happen for legal reasons, but Phoenix Wright Degrey

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Wow I’d completely forgotten about Witch Valerie but now that idea is my everything

Bumping because game release means cosmetic DLC might finally be around the corner, but mostly because of disguised monkey DeGrey



This is one of the only games I would consider investing heavily into DLC, if only to help the team develop more content.


same here!

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I have no good idea of my own, but I really like sev_voro’s idea of ‘young Jaina’.

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  • Rook wearing a suit of heavy armor. Hard as steel!
  • Grave wearing a keikogi and headband like Ryu and Akira Yuki wear.

Time to revive this topic!


• Kittycat Onimaru (based on my wife’s disappointment that Onimaru’s just some guy in a mask, after she was used to seeing mostly just his Puzzle Strike art, and she’d thought he was a big cat or something)
• Chef Onimaru (holding a big chef’s knife)
• Surf Onimaru (holding a surfboard)

• Bluejeans Arg

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“Grim reaper Onimaru” came up in chat, and that sounds very very good to me

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The nostalgic thirtysomething in me kind of wants, like, Virtua Fighter 1-style super-low-poly costumes. Maybe even just completely untextured, solid-colored polygons?

“Janus Quince” would be interesting to me

  1. Lava Rook. Melt the competition! I don’t mean totally lava. Dark stone with the vines replaced with lava streams. It could probably be enhanced with a shader that animates the texture so it waves a bit near the lava. Bloom lighting might also enhance the look.
  2. Robot Rook.
  3. Different samurai armor skins for Onimaru. His default armor looks strange IMO. European knight armor would be cool too.
  4. Witch Valerie gets more votes.
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Argagarg, but he’s made of vines or other stretchy materials. Bubble gum shield? I’m just throwing science at the wall.

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