Automatically disconnected from opponent


Automatically disconnected from opponent
Everytime I try to have an online casual amtch I get disconnected as soon as the match begins
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select online match
  2. connect with another player
  3. begin the match

Expected Results:
Both players should stay connected for the duration of the match
Actual Results:
players are disconnected immediately
It’s only happened against one particular player, but I can’t seem to find anyone but that specific player online, so I can’t tell for sure if he’s the problem.

Game Version:
System Information:
Asus PC, Windows 10 64 bit, Intel Core i5-7400 processor, Nvidia GeForce GTX1050 graphics card.


Nah man, the guy just ragequitted EVERYONE today. The poor dude became a meme!

He was talked about on Discord, people messaged me about him and I made a wall of screenshots of his quits. The guy is a legend at this point.

Anyway, some MUs like Setsuki, Jaina and Geiger he didn’t even try to play, others like Rook, DeGrey and Valerie ended up with him ragequitting after a round or two.

It wasn’t a bug, it was The Zerowulf Experience™.


Must feel really proud of himself buying a game and then not actually finishing a single game. Ffs, Setsuki is a favorable MU for Midori.


I got him too, he quit after I was camping him out with my day-1 geiger. He they rage-quited immediately the next time we matched.


Holy cow, you just started playing Geiger today too? Fight me.


Maybe later, i actually need to study. PM your info


He’s doing it right away for the Midori matchup now, too. I wouldn’t even have that much of a problem with it if it weren’t for the fact that the game always counts it as a loss for me. I had won twice as many rounds as him, he manually disconnects and somehow not having won is on me? Yeah, I know, pre-alpha and all that, but being told my skills weren’t up to par when my opponent forfeits still gets under my skin.


The end game and xp screen actually doesn’t really show anything meaningful yet.
I don’t think it’s affecting your mmr though.


I’ve made a video and a thread about him, I’ll link it here.


He sounds like a fantastic person