Character Difficulty Ratings


I was wondering what everyone thought about the difficulty ratings each character has been given on the tutorial videos? The rankings are as follows:

1 / 3 Stars (easy)

2 / 3 Stars (medium)
De Grey

3 / 3 Stars (hard)

Personally, I’d move Geiger into 1 star as once you get your head around the gear meter he seems pretty straight forward, and his projectile/reversal gameplay feels like a good place for beginners.

I’d also move Valerie into the 2 or 3 stars bracket because her low health and rushdown play means you have to make the most of opportunities for damage, which is something beginners may struggle to do.

I think I’d also put Grave in the 2 star bracket. I know he’s supposed to be the archetypal fighting game character, but I find all the different options for his fireball (slow, medium, fast, large) plus the effects of wind summon make him more complex than the other zoners.

I’m coming from a non-fighting game background, so I’d be interested to hear what you all think.


These aren’t some haphazard ratings. We’ve observed hundreds (thousands?) of players at conventions play our game and these ratings are how it shakes out.

For example, we don’t have to wonder if people pick up Valerie easily. They do. So much so that when clueless new people ask who they should start with, we eventually started telling them Grave or Rook or Valerie and it continued to work out.

Meanwhile, we almost wish Geiger was not selectable at conventions unless the player clicks through a dialog box saying they understand Guile’s charge mechanic, lol. Over and over again people stumble over the gear mechanic. It’s better now than it was because of the red X and click sound when you try a gear move without meter, but just fundamentally some people have trouble wrapping their minds around it. They certainly shouldn’t start with him if they are new.

Argagarg being three stars is obvious. Setsuki, the issue is new people understand her moves and all, but they lose hard and have no chance. Low life is part of it, but not the whole thing (they do fine with Valerie who has low life). It’s that to be effective, they should probably be doing air C, divekick, A, super a lot. Or using kunai to look for a careful approach. Basically the minimum skill needed to have a chance is higher for her than most.

Since this is based on so much observation of new players over such a long period of time (years, at this point), I think the ratings are already in a good place.


Thanks for the detailed response - it’s really interesting to hear how the character ratings have shaken out over the course of the tournaments you’ve run.


I just so happen to agree with the star ratings 100%, exactly t he way I would have tiered them


Perhaps the star ratings could show up in Event Mode and maybe some other modes? It seems like that would be helpful to minimize confusion, but I’m sure that would be very low priority compared to pretty much everything else being worked on.