DeGrey mixups?


Found out some nasty tech for DeGrey and thought I would make a thread so people can share stuff they do with the lawyer man.
Off of normal throw ( or any KD, really), I like to immediately jump forward and do the earliest possible air ghost I can, and I noticed that it spaces you perfectly to mixup up forward j.B for the cross up and neutral j.B for the uncross up. Since the ground ghost’s cool down is independent of the air ghost you can end your block string with ground ghost to make it safe against most people and continue pressure from there. Thoughts?


Personally, my preferred Filthy DeGrey Mixup is B with no followup attack, followed immediately by a throw


You can also shimmy backwards and do a b+A and try to catch their poke. Especially crazy in the corner.

As far as I can tell, DeGrey is all about:

Jump-in (A, B, or C), then AA, C, B -> mixup. The “correct” button after this sequence is A, but the alternative paths are:

B - Beats pokes if spaced well
C - Beats jump + all moves
Nothing - Beats everything?!

After doing nothing, you can Throw the opponent, go for a counter-hit setup with b+A, or REALLY punish them with Super.

But I haven’t played a lot of DeGrey so this is just Day 1 Tech.


Yep! You can actually do the same mixup off of a blocked jab (though it’s much easier to react to)
Jab b.A will frame trap them for mashing and jab into delay throw will hit them for waiting. If they try yomi counter and block the b.A on reaction you can also just go with a straightforward AA!


This is the greatest. Also please let’s make sure to make “vegan meaties” be an actual thing.


Well, the “meaty do nothing” of “press no buttons, then a frame or two after they stand up start blocking” is real for, uh. everyone. >_>

(beats all reversals, loses to delayed wakeup throw, results in INTENSE STANDOFFS against wakeup yomi counters)


oh my god I love this turn of phrase


Yeah “meaty do nothing” was what we called it before at FSX… but…

“Vegan meaties” seems like very powerful tech!


So maybe “meatless” can be the shorthand of the situation where you are threatening a meaty poke setup but instead you do nothing and then DO THE REALLY NOTHING


I endorse this 100%. Though the longer “meaty-do-nothing” is also very high tier.