Did the game get updated?


did the game get updated since october? ive seen references to a new update on here and on steam, but theres no change-log on the website or steam page. i only ask because i like to follow the progress of the game even though i don’t own it yet


We usually update the regular version about once per month, but this month’s update is not out yet (for November).

The Wild West branch of the game, for people on Patreon, does have much more frequent updates though. Perhaps that’s what you saw?


I don’t know, I saw someone on steam mention a ‘new update’ in one of thier posts but they may have been referring to the wild west build or just to the October update being new to them.

Hope thw November update comes soon and looking forward to seeing what’s in it :slight_smile:


@Thelo you know when’s Lum coming on live?


welp that answers that :smiley: http://www.fantasystrike.com/blog/2017/game-update-november-2017


IT’S PANDA TIME! Woop woop! :smiley: