Disconnected during ranked but both players saw that they advanced


Disconnected during ranked but both players saw that they advanced.

Got a ranked match with Sirlin, but we disconnected.
He saw that he advanced in the bracket screen, but I saw that I advanced on my end.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play ranked
  2. Get disconnected
  3. Profit?

Expected Results:

Actual Results:



Game Version:

System Information:
Win10 home


I confirm that this happened between us. It happened twice. The second time it happened, you were my second opponent in that tournament. From my point of view, I advanced in the tournament but immediately after, I looked at my ranked character select screen and the upper right just said “RANKED” and not “RANKED - GRAND FINALS” like I expected. Then my next match was the first match of a new tournament.

What all that means is that the second time we fought and disconnected, my screen showed me advancing, but it seems the system probably gave me a loss.