Grave's Lightning Cloud can still go through Jaina in the corner


Grave’s Lightning Cloud (Ground B projectile) can go through Jaina in the corner


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to training mode as Grave against Jaina
  2. Push Jaina all the way into the corner and stand as close to her as possible
  3. Hold forward and press B

Expected Results:
Grave should throw a projectile and hit Jaina

Actual Results:
Grave throws a projectile and it goes past her.

I only did this against Jaina. I know she has small hitboxes or pushboxes or something since I know a crossunder that only works on her, so I guess that’s probably why. Also, this bug doesn’t require you to do his forward+B, you can let go of forward right before pressing B (which gives a different projectile speed) and the projectile still goes through her.


Game Version:

System Information: