[Interaction] DeGrey's air-super loses to Midori's dragon-torpedo


It doesn’t trade. It just straight loses. I know the hitbox on dragon-torpedo is super good, but it seems pretty weird that it beats a super clean.


I feel like DeGrey’s jS should beat almost anything out of the sky. Should it be Invincible?


No, it shouldn’t beat Rook’s air super. And it doesn’t. Don’t try to air super head crush.


Well DeGreys air super sucks, it only does 1 damage most of the time and has difficulty hitting people most of the time. So the fact that things beat that move out doesn’t surprise me.


This. It also shouldn’t beat air counters, but I think that goes without saying.


Yeah, I don’t know that it actually needs to. Maybe air super isn’t something I should be using in the match-up. Using ground-super against dragon-torpedo makes much more sense anyway.