Invite street fighter veterans


Maybe @Sirlin can organize fantasy strike tournament inviting street fighter veterans like daigo and snakeyez. Just like what rising thunder did. A 4 player tournament would suffice to promote the game and ask for some comments from sf vets


Maybe a bit early for that yet, but a good idea at some point I reckon :slight_smile:


I also wonder if it would make sense to try and get a lot of the board game personalities that loved Yomi and Puzzle Strike to show it off. I know Tycho of Penny Arcade loves Yomi as well. I can imagine a lot of, “I don’t play fighting games but gave this a try because I like Sirlin Games, and wow was I amazed at how quickly I felt proficient at this.”


It’s definitely early to be talking about this but what Fantasy Strike needs to promote isn’t just depth. It’s also how it’s a meeting point of gaming cultures.

So by all means invite a Street Fighter champ or two and definitely go for nerd personalities like Penny Arcade but consider also bringing in Super Smash Bros players as the fighting game community outliers, serious card gamers, youtube stars who play more casually and really just about anyone else relevant to the target audience who has some experience in making tactical decisions on the fly.

Variety is key here but showing off the type of skill that still matters in a “techskill” lacking fighter is also important.