Mysterious announcement tomorrow?


anyone else seen this? what do you think it could be?


Something funding related? I hope?


PantsyStrike probably


you mean the Pandasy Strike competition? it might just be wishful thinking but it feels like this is more than that, they already said about that on twitter, and if it was, surely the banner would just say “winner of our competition announced tomorrow” or somthing


Jee let’s hope so


It’s already November 22 here :0


Announcement that the other 10 characters are coming? Probably a long shot, but…


Yeah, that’s been clearly established as a long-term goal, but first the game needs to actually achieve success ; )


i really do hope that happens one day, 20 (or more) characters would give the game such presence, variety, and above all longevity.


yeah, that would be great and awesome! Here’s hoping


A story mode would be great too, the lore is crazy good. That would require 20 characters at least and a hell of a lot of money though.


Goodness, that’s… quite an announcement.


Turns out it’s a black Friday sale. 50% off all physical and digital SirlinGames products.
Not what i’d hoped but still neat.

Tell your friends about €10 FS! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m basically pestering all of my friends to buy Codex and maybe also FS


Obviously not what we hoped, but still great, especially if we can encourage lots of new people to get the game and grow the community!