Quince move set brainstorming


thank you for your input. I appreciate you adding to this forum post so that it may forever be seen as an option to consider


Looks like Dragon Ball Fighters Z’s Kuririn has yet another mechanic that I could see capturing Quince’s flavor.
He sends out a copy of himself to perform an attack at different ranges, but by holding the button or not, he can choose whether that copy is the real one or fake:

So it’s not quite “which attack is the real one”, it’s "Is that attack real or is he still just standing there?"
I think Skullgirls did something similiar with Fukua?


I’d love to see on Quince something like Steve’s moveset in Street Fighter X Tekken.
He has a whole set of moves (all his kicks) which don’t do any damages, and are just bluffs. Of course he can follow up a bluff with a real hit.

Heihachi is another character I’d like Quince to be inspired of. His moves have really slow animations that kinda break the rythm of the game. He’s also about various stances and mind game, which seems to lack a bit of Blivandness for Fantasy Strike.

I loved Quince in Yomi (very versatile, kinda honest, saying his moves before doing them, slow, dodgy, impactful) but I didn’t find this in Codex (sticking on a single all-or-nothing strategy, being all about lying and illusions, searching complete board control, copying ennemies…).

I want Fantasy Strike Quince to be slow and steady, defensive, to use dodges and manipulation to get into victory !
Quince is a skilled politician, he “dodges questions” (Js), admits there can be sometimes “two truths” (2s) and uses “evasive answers” (Ks). He’s not about lying directly, hidding out or anything so I don’t want illusions and glimmering for him. I’d think this gameplay would be more appropriate for an eventual Garth or Vendetta (yeah I’d believe Vendetta not to be an exact street fighter Claw).

Quince is by far my favourite character in the licence, he’s not about being good or evil, but just reconcilates both to keep calm in Flagstone and stay the Chief Magistrate of a proud and unite country.

[details=My own proposal of Quince’s build : ]Normal backward : backfist, poor range and doesn’t send far but let a deadtime in the game. Maybe making the opponent go behind Quince ?
Charged Normal backward: spinning backfist, not a really good attack (bad range like backfist) but is an alternative option to surprise the opponent

Normal without direction: elbow hit, slower than other character’s normal and shorter range but connects to other normal moves

Normal forward : slow palm hit, even slower than roundhouse but projecting much further
Normal Air : knee kick, doing damages and also making Quince go a bit backward with momentum

Special 1 : quick bluff hit, can connect into an elbow hit or some other moves. Prevent projectile damage
Special 1 Jumping : huge aerial “backstep”, acrobatic and surprising

Special 2 : kind of dodge, if opponent attacks or throws on it you can hit back afterward (not automatic like SFV Ryu’s V-Skill)
Special 2 Jumping : Command Throw for ground opponents, can be cancelled into a kind of dodge

Super Ground : Quince sends his cloth in air (projectile) and charges to the opponent very quickly, doing damage if hits
Super Air : Quince makes his opponent’s move prioriry super low and slows down the game for 3s. His normal and special throws get crazy range.[/details]


A move that lets him phase through things similar to the one Flash has in Injustice would fit him quite well in my opinion, expecially if it has another uses in like being special cancellable or sending offensive clone-images-things if he actually dodges something with it.