Rook seems a bit overpowered


shrugs At that point I feel like it’s a matter of taste. Most characters get 3 damage off a successful jump-in, without the chance to prevent any of it with a second correct read or reaction.

Rook wins his games by vortexing you to death. If it was trivial to get out of his vortex, or there was a way to do it without follow-up damage 90% of the time then he would just be bad. Or he would need to become a very different character with very different tools to compensate for a worse vortex.

Grave, Jaina, Geiger add “invincible non-super DP” to their list of options against all forms of Rook’s mix-up. Valerie has a DP that beats 2/3s of it (loses to C-throw). DeGrey has a super that changes the incentives for Rook attempting boot. You never want to give Midori super for free, which changes the incentives of normal throwing. Setsuki is a character for ghouls and vampires, who’s lack of moral fibre requires regular beatings.

So you see, everyone has options that complicate matters further! :wink:


Yes, that’s why she gets the boot so often from Rook! Overall, I agree with his game plan is to vortex. Without the vortex, he wouldn’t be able to keep up at all.

This is probably the reason why I feel comfortable about his vortex the way it is. Plus, you do have a way to escape as we’ve just discussed.

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