Rook's gS cinematic kills minilums

Rook’s gS cinematic kills minilums

If Rook lands gS while a minilum is too far ahead of him, by the end of the cinematic the minilum has died as if offscreen.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enter practise mode, Lum vs Rook, item toss set to minilums and Rook set to super after blockstun
  2. Toss a minilum at fullscreen
  3. Walk up, nA Rook to make him super you

Expected Results:
The minilum is still there after the cinematic, as it wasn’t far enough to be offscreen in normal circumstances.

Actual Results:
The minilum is gone after the cinematic

The minilum seems to survive closer to the corner - this leads me to assume it’s to do with how Lum is swung behind Rook, moving the camera wildly, as this effect is lessened if Lum would be swung past the corner.


Game Version:
Steam v1.19459

System Information: