Some supers have frames where the other player's moves can activate


Some supers have frames where the other player’s moves can activate

Some supers appear to have frames where other moves can activate. These appear to be between-frames between one animation and a second animation.

This is most notably using one super during another super, such as Geiger time walking during Midori’s dragon transformation.

Steps to reproduce:
To activate a move during the other character’s super, mash buttons or use training mode’s frame step while alternatively pressing and releasing the super button between frames.

I found this by using Midori’s dragon transform during Geiger’s ground super, and got a similar outcome using Argagarg’s bubble shield during Midori’s dragon transform.
During Geiger’s ground super, there are some frames just after he starts walking where Midori’s super input is accepted. His super bar glows green and it makes the dragon sound, and just after the walk ends Midori does the dragon transform animation.

Similarly, during Midori’s dragon transform there are a few frames where I could activate Argagarg’s bubble shield or Geiger’s walk, or any other move it seems. These are the frames just before the dragon appears.

Expected Results:
The game shouldn’t execute the move input during the super’s animation frames.

Actual Results:
The move plays its startup animation, sound, and visual effects during the other character’s super.



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