Standard Throw Ranges


Ordered from best to worst.
Throws on the same line may or may not be equal, but I was not able to find a definitive difference yet.

Jaina (Back)
Jaina (Forward/Neutral), Grave (Back)
Midori, DeGrey*
Grave (Forward/Neutral)
Setsuki (Back)
Setsuki (Forward/Neutral)

*DeGrey is somewhere along the lines of Midori and Grave (Forward/Neutral), but not yet sure exactly where.


Very interesting project! I’m testing it out now. I think I have a way of standardizing all of the ranges.


Any difference between Dragon / Human Midori?


I forgot to add Dragon. His range is slightly better than Rook’s.


I tried to standardize the range as much as possible. The method I used was the following:

Rook is always selected as the defending character. Rook walks up to the character until they start pushing against each other. Then, I would have Rook walk away frame by frame until I could find the max range that he would be able to throw the attacking character using neutral throw (no frame gap between walking backwards and neutral throw). Then, I would repeat the procedure by having Rook walk away from the character and see what frame the attacking character would be able to throw Rook. I have found that sometimes the data would vary by a frame (sometimes 2 in the case of Dragon). Maybe it was just me getting tired of counting the frames. Not sure. So, here is the table listing the difference in the amount of frames from Rook being able to throw the attacking character versus the attacking character throwing Rook

Dragon +4 +4 +4 
Rook   +0 +0 +0 
Jaina  -17-19-19
Grave  -19-22-22
Midori -21-21-21
DeGrey -22-22-22
Geiger -25-25-25


Dragon’s idle animation moves his throwbox around which might be why you encountered weirdness with him.


Ah, that could explain some things. I think I encountered up to two frames difference as well sometimes in Setsuki’s back throw. I can’t remember which throw now. They all blend together. So, I guess idle animations/movements can affect the range that a character’s throw will come out.


Dragon’s throw range exemplified:



This is just stupid.


I guess Valerie should be holding back.


Using the same methodology that I posted earlier, this is how Lum’s throw range stacks up with the other characters. Note: I did not re-test the other characters’ throw ranges since they were not mentioned in the update. Maybe when I have time later, I will double-check the numbers.

Dragon +4 +4 +4 
Rook   +0 +0 +0 
Lum    -9 -9 -9 
Jaina  -17-19-19
Grave  -19-22-22
Midori -21-21-21
DeGrey -22-22-22
Geiger -25-25-25


Very interested about Arg being included in this list !


I am planning on retesting the throw ranges with this new update. Since the patch changed the movement speed for everyone, I need to retest all of the numbers due to the methodology I used. I just haven’t had time very recently, but I should get to it this week. However, I don’t think I will be able to test Geiger’s back throw right now due to a bug that only triggers his front throw according to a recently submitted bug report.


With the new update, v.12189, there was a 25% walking speed increase across the board. So, I took the time to retest all of the numbers using the same methodology. Obviously, all of the numbers have changed since Rook‚Äôs walking speed has increased. However, due to a bug with Geiger‚Äôs back throw, I could not test his throw range. Instead, I speculate that it would be the same as the others since it was the same for previous versions. Additionally, the ‚ÄúBase‚ÄĚ column is the amount of frames that Rook has to walk backwards from the opponent in order to use his neutral throw from max range. I included it in case anyone wants to double-check any of my numbers as well as make it easier to keep the table updated in the future.

v.12189  b.T n.Tf.TBase
Dragon   +3  +3 +3 41  
Rook     +0  +0 +0 36  
Lum      -6  -6 -6 53  
Jaina    -13 -15-1549  
Grave    -14 -16-1648  
Midori   -15 -15-1564  
Argagarg -15 -15-1550  
DeGrey   -16 -16-1639  
Valerie  -17 -17-1753  
Geiger   -19?-19-1944  
Setsuki  -20 -22-2246