The Church of Rook C



Gaze thee upon Windmill Crusher, the divine weapon wielded by the Patron Saint of Gribbles, Lord Garus Rook of Morningstar. Praise be to the single greatest button that has ever graced the move list of a fighting game character. Let our disciples gather to extoll their own stories of times when Rook C hath smitten enemies of justice, and it is here that we shall write our gospel.

Press that button, raise your rocky hand up to the heavens and destroy the infidels!

EDIT: @mysticjuicer said that Rook C was his new religion. Maybe I should not encourage him any further; who knows what could happen next


Rook C is quite simply the big evil club that you shake at people all game long and I LOVE IT.


Praise be unto the Windmill Crusher! May its glorious hugs deliver us into the ground with power and fury!

Alternatively: Repent! Repent, sinners! Direct your worship instead to The Boot! The Boot is strong! The Boot is eternal!


Rook C, crusher of souls. Kneel before its power, and despair, puny artists. :astonished:


A single button, crushing both the heavens and the earth

Avoided but never stopped


Long after the heat death of the universe, Rook’s Boot will still have active frames. Amen.


The Boot doesn’t have time for recovery frames. It just stays active. Forever.
When Quince has trouble sleeping at night, it’s because the Boot that kicked him that morning is still there. Kicking.
When Rook deploys the Boot, it’s so powerful that even his glutes have hitboxes.


The Prophet Caphriel speaks the truth!

Go to 5:10:47 and behold!


I was speaking from experience :smiley: Although that particular demonstration is extra-good.


Hark! Since I have only very recently started visiting the forums much more regularly I did not see this.
But my devotion to this game is 80% Rook C


Not positive you can still do this, but in a very early build after C, you could walk up juuuuuust close enough that if your opponent didn’t move away from you, you could get them with another C. That’s right, Rook could throw you from C to shining C.



I wish I could set the training dummy to walk away on wake-up, because I need to know if you can still meaty C-throw on KD!


I’m pretty sure if they’re not holding jump on wake up, C will catch them.
And if you think they’re going to jump, well all of Rook’s air moves are amazing.


Let us pray.