[Tournament] Fantasy Strike International Open 21/10


If you join the discord you can probably find someone online to test friend matches with


interested, i’ll see if I have time


Cleared with my wife, I’m in @Bomber678! @Hobusu you can add me on steam and test out friend matches too if ya like


So have we decided how we’re distributing footage? Have we found a way to stream or do we still need to get footage capture software?


Ok sure, I’ll share my crazy idea, but I don’t know if it will work.
Since Discord has rolled out screen sharing fully, and everyone will already be in the Discord for the tournament

(which, by the way everyone, reminder to get in the Fantasy Strike Discord if you want to participate)

then I could have a player screen share with me which I then stream.

HOWEVER… I feel like this might generate too much lag to be watchable or playable. So, I’m not sure yet.


Should we download that recording software you talked about just in case?


You can if you would like. I’m certain no one would protest a bunch of recorded matches of the tournament being uploaded to youtube!!


Cool. What was the one you mentioned that was free though?


The free one I use is Open Broadcaster Software.
I’m sure there are plenty around though.


Shadowplay is great too for Nvidia users.


Hey so when you do figure out if you’re gonna stream it can you sned us the twitch link so we can share with our friends?


If I stream, (and I’ll likely stream something, even if it’s a very boring stream of me running a tournament) it will happen on my twitch.


Awesome. By the way, how do you actually use OBS? I’m having trouble getting it to work.


I think it depends on which one you have. I heard there are two versions.
For the version I have, you set a source in the source box, (just start with capture to get the hang of it) then you can hit preview stream or record video and it will show you what you’ll get in the window.


Also everyone, remember this is in just a few days!!
Don’t forget to get in the Official Fantasy Strike Discord where I will be running the tournament, and to test friend matches before the event.

Also this will obviously be happening on the live build, not the Wild West one, so remember to switch over beforehand.

I hope you’re all excited!


First, make sure you’re getting the ‘OBS Studio’ version. It’s much simplified compared to ‘OBS Classic.’ For how to set it up for recording/streaming, look through YouTube for “how to add sources to OBS Studio” and you’ll get a ton of videos that’ll walk you through it. :slight_smile:


Wow this is coming up really soon! I’m excited to go to bed so I can get up and run this. Hope you’re all excited too!


HAPPENING IN LIKE 6 HOURS WOAH I should go get some sleep but I’ll be BACK SOON


You probably know this already but if you don’t use this to run the bracket.


How will stage select be handled? Should we ban Clocktower because of the distracting visual glitch? I think this is live currently?