Ways to fix Onimaru's bA to D&C loops

Copy-pasting from chat because I’m lazy.

There are multiple ways to fix this [Onimaru’s bA → D&C loop] that wouldn’t affect other uses of these moves:

  • increase pushback on blocked bA just a little bit (perhaps increase it only if the opponent is cornered to not mess up bA to B spacings at long range?),
  • make bA not cancellable to D&C, leaving only cancels to Tactical Slice possible, not unlike Argagarg’s jA which can only cancel into Sparkling Bubble;
  • decrease hit/blockstop on bA; this keeps the loop but requires Onimaru to guess whether the opponent blocks or not instead of letting him react to it, resulting in some interactivity,
  • heck, you could probably add a specific version of D&C dealing one (as opposed to two) chip damage that only triggers if bA lands; Rook already has this in form of C throw after Thunderclap.

I don’t think Onimaru’s C should deal 2 hits of block damage anyway, just remove the first one.

Also it shouldn’t lose to throws… just putting it out there.