Will / Can this game come to the Nintendo Switch?


I played the game over the weekend and was very impressed. The game is fun and fluid, and scratched my FG itch thoroughly. Anyway, I’m interested in supporting the game, but honestly I don’t play on PC all that often (if at all; the only reason I played it on the weekend was I heard of the demo through a 3rd party YT video, and I just wanted to see if it would work on my PC), and I don’t have a PS4. If this was coming to Xbox, or the Switch though, I’ve be all over this.

Is there any word of this coming to platforms outside of just PC and PS?


No word on that yet, but we’re still exploring the possibilities of other consoles!


I would love if this game came on the Switch.


But how could you play with a fight stick then??
(Jokes. This game plays perfectly fine on a controller.)


Seriously, my janky X1 controller (that I absolutely can’t play FGs with) worked flawlessly with this game since all I need is to use the analog stick for back and forth movement, and the jump button is on the face buttons. That make the game so much easier to play with the controller I had. It’s the little things…


I feel like this game would be a pretty good fit for Switch because its control scheme can easily work with a single joycon, allowing you to do 2 players with only one system.


Hell yeah. This is like the perfect portable fighter. PLUS, if they were able to get cross-play with PC, and possibly with PS4 and/or Xbox, that would just be amazing.


I would add another 30 bucks to my pledge if it would make the Switch and I do not even own one yet.


This would be such an amazing fit for Switch. Drag the console round and play two player with a joycon each.


Just piling on, I got a switch last week and would gladly pay again to have the game on switch. It really is a great portable console


HYPE! So excited this is actually happening! Will 100% be buying it day 1, thanks @SG_Staff for taking the time to port this!


I am so excited and looking forward to the Switch release! I know this will be a great way to introduce a lot of my friends to the game. I am getting it on day 1 release!


I’m hyped. It’s like my dream come through. I don’t know how I was able to miss this.
I found out about this, because I got a automated newsletter from this forum mentioning this topic.


I don’t suppose there’s a more specific ETA than “summer” yet on the switch release, is there?


I suspect there would be a big announcement on the Fantasy Strike homepage if they had anything more specific for us!


Wishful thinking on my part :wink: just excited to play this in my “wherever I want” XD


Same, definitely! Going to purchase a Switch copy on launch day specifically so I can practice anywhere and easily show the game to anyone I meet at any time with no setup required!


Anyone heard one way or another if this is still on track for a January-ish release for Switch? I’m so ready to be able to pick this up and play whenever!


On Discord the impression I’ve gotten is that they’re nearly feature-complete for a release but that console requirements are onerous. Hopefully they can have it out in January or February though!


I heard console release is planned for 1st Quarter of next year.