100% Reproducible Desyncs with DeGrey's Ghost

100% Reproducible Desyncs with DeGrey’s Ghost

When DeGrey’s ghost is behind the opponent, it can cause a desync for every character except Grave. The character merely needs to be either grabbed or block the ghost to cause it. Which needs to happen is character dependent.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Send DeGrey’s ghost out.
  2. Have the opponent jump over the ghost.
  3. Walk both players away from the ghost to give the ghost time to recharge.
  4. Have DeGrey use ground ghost as soon as the ghost is recharged.
  5. Either block or get hit by the ghost according to the list below:
    5a) Geiger, Setsuki, Jaina, Argagarg, Midori just need to get hit by the ghost from behind.
    5b) Rook, Lum, and Val need to block the ghost.
    5c) DeGrey looks like the ghost just needs to cross paths with the other ghost? It didn’t even hit DeGrey yet when the desync happened.
    5d) Grave can just laugh at everyone getting desyncs since he’s immune.

Expected Results:
No desyncs.

Actual Results:
A desync will happen immediately on hit/block depending on the character.

Shobbs and I tested this on every character. We did not see if blocking also causes desyncs on characters that already desync on hit.


Game Version:

System Information: