3 BUGS: crazy FPS counter, wrong CH frame advantage, moving during proximity block

(tested on v1.18422)

  1. The FPS counter behaves erratically when pausing and unpausing the game in training mode by displaying numbers that are increasingly high the more you stay paused. External 3rd party tools such as Bandicam do show the correct FPS (always 60 with VSync ON)

  2. Counter Hits give more frame advantage, but the the training mode frame data display does not reflect that with projectile attacks (e.g. Grave B, Geiger B, Jaina B)

  3. Mashing BACK during the proximity blocking animation will slowly move your character backwards. Steps to reproduce: pick Setsuki, make Geiger perform an air super, trigger proximity blocking and mash back when it does; the faster you mash, the more Setsuki will move backwards.