A list of things affected by speed increase

Help me build a comprehensive list.

  • Jaina gS recovery. (Can no longer hit punish.)
  • Geiger gS recovery. (Can no longer be grabbed if you were neutral.)

Correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Lum gS has extra invincibility. (beating moves instead of trading)
  • Rook B has extra blockstun.

Rook gB or jB?

setsuki ground B (kick) now combos to both hits every time.
arg B ( blue fish ) has about 16f too much blockstun.

Jaina gS being unable to hitpunish is incorrect, you still can, it is just hard to do. What is noticably different about the super is the recovery of jaina on hit. Before this patch, on hit you got kind of a sad knockdown and could not really do a setup, but on this patch you recover almost instantly and get an amazing knockdown


Landslide. It used to be -4 (?) on block so you could punish it with a throw. It’s -3 now, apparently.

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SIIIIIIIIICK! Oh man, that’s rad!