A new vs mode called Battle mode

Based on how I experience asymmetric games, which is inspired by the battle mode in the street fighter 2 champion edition of genesis, I would like to propose a vs mode that I think is the most fun way to enjoy asymmetric games like Fantasy strike.

When you enter battle mode you choose 3 values.

  1. Number of different Characters X
  2. Number of Games Y
  3. If character selection is random or by the player.

Then player get assigned randomly or through picking, X number of different character, which must be defeated Y number of games to be eliminated.
The first player to eliminate all the characters of the opposite player wins.
The character order of appearance is determined randomly and once a character appears it must be defeated Y number of times before the player gets assigned another character.

That is the basic of the mode. You can stop reading here.

There are a few variables which I do not think are very important, but that must be decided.
For the value of number of games per character, maybe it’s easy if player just enter the number of games a player needs to win total, and the computer distributes evenly the number of lives of each character.

When the stage changes if ever? it can be after every game, or after every character change, or maybe at any of those points the players are given the option to change stage.

Can players change character appearance if so were and when?

Are players informed about the order of the characters? or they don’t know until they get it?

Personally the only special online mode I’m interested in is King Of The Hill.

I really liked this mode in the soul Calibur games. It would be a fun one to add