Ability to disable the A+B mapping for supers

Assuming, on a controller or keyboard, we have successfully mapped keys to A B C and S, where S represents super,

Won’t it be a good option to disable the default A+B mapping to super?

This is because, like many double button presses in fighting games, it is easy to mistakenly press A and B together when rapidly switching from one button to another, and an unintended super is extremely expensive.

This will make it impossible to accidentally spend one’s super meter due to a missed button press.


This has been a hot topic of a quality of life thing
I assume that one day it will be implemented


Yeah, I use A+B for super but I’m a huge advocate of being able to disable that shortcut if you want to.


I’d like to be able to disable it as well, because I wasn’t aware that pressing the two buttons did anything, until I did a super accidentally.

What would be VERY cool shortcuts to have available, as far as I’m concerned, is A+B throw and B+C super

Two button inputs for a throw… too easy to tap mistakenly.
I would disable instantly.
Still hoping for the A+B =super shortcut to be disabled.
I’d say the best way around it is just to be flexible with the mappings.
Default to ABC A+B B+C and allow people to move the throw and super to separate buttons.
This won’t affect the meta the way proximity throw vs explicit throw does.