Add in-game double-blind character picking for 1v1 and 3v3

Title. I think this would reduce load off of TOs, help prevent some types of tournament drama, and make tournaments a little better overall.


Agree! :slight_smile:

I suspect it may well be on the “nice to have” list for some time now though!
It’s not as easy to implement as it might appear though, would need some thought, as it is a change to the whole current UI flow where it’s the same on a friend match online as it would be locally.

It should probably be done in a similar way to Yomi.
In digital Yomi, there is a checkbox that says “double blind”.
When you check it, you can no longer see your opponent’s selection and vice versa.
That would allow people to both secretly pick or publicly pick.
After all, in some friendly matches you want them to see who you are picking.
In Fantasy Strike, they could probably borrow the UI for turning on and off Ranked and Casual.

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