Addendum/Fixes to Written Tutorials

There are a couple errors in the written tutorial for new players at

In the knockdown section, throws are stated to have 2 frames of startup instead of 3. Additionally, for players new to fighting games, the throw section fails to mention that you cannot throw an opponent who is in hitstun or blockstun. I have had to explain this situation to new players, and Winged on Discord mentioned that it would have been helpful to mention it in the guide. The guide already explains how throw interacts with knockdowns and reversals. But, fails to mention when a throw cannot connect.

Further, a new player can access the outdated portion of the guide at which gives inaccurate information now (Winged accessed it by googling for “fantasy strike throws”).

It’s also come up in the same chat on Discord that there’s no part of the guide that explains that you can throw backward or forward, which is… honestly kind of a good point, if you aren’t already used to fighting games!

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I’m going to continue listing new things that are related to “completely new players” here on this thread:

Another thing that came up are moves that have different properties based on direction input should at least have it documented in the move list that they have different properties. Example is that Grave’s Cloud does not state that it changes speed based on direction that is input for B.