Allow bringing up the pause menu after a round has ended

Currently, whether playing online or in Solo mode, you can pause before a round starts (as characters are squaring off), but not after it finishes (as a character is lying unconscious on the ground). This has repeatedly annoyed me in these two situations:

  • I just finished a round with the CPU and want to put the game down for a moment to do something else. But I have to wait for the next round to start before I can actually pause. Not only does it make me wait before I leave, it also means I don’t get the full flavor of the new round starting when I return, because the round start animation will have already partially completed.
  • I am playing online and just noticed something I want to use the pause menu for – either I want to quickly check the move list, or I want to change my settings (e.g. show ping). There might be time to do that between rounds if I could open the menu after a round ends, but there definitely isn’t time to use the menu in the time before a new round begins.