Allow Midori to Transform back to human while KD

There’s a thing that annoys me a lot about the added recovery to the end of Dragon Form.
I think it’s a good thing for the game, as it means Dragon Form isn’t just totally safe always.
However, one thing bugs me a lot. If your opponent knocks you down with a move that takes a while, (see: either Grave super, Jaina ground super, Flash Gear, DeGrey things), and you run out of dragon form meter while being hit or on the ground, Midori gets up and then immediately has to transform back to human, and is incredibly vulnerable.
It’s not uncommon to just immediately get hit again, after just being hit.

The most egregious example is Jaina ground super. The animation itself on hit takes up slightly over half of the dragon meter, and allows Jaina to walk up afterwards and place a divekick into Midori’s hitbox as he wakes up, so he is forced to eat an extra three damage, effectively making her super do five damage against the dragon.

It’s a little ridiculous, and makes an already tough matchup into something way more difficult than it should be.

Please, allow Midori his shame and let him become human while on the ground.